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Welcome to our Blog West Bengal Job , To we discuss about  Unemployment rate in India 2021 ,  if you find or queries about Unemployment Rate In india States wise/ State wise unemployment rate in India 2021 so that's is the right place for your answer , India Unemployment rate State wise details available in below .........

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States (India)Jun 2021
Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Rate 7.5
Assam Unemployment Rate 0.6
Bihar Unemployment Rate 10.5
Chhattisgarh Unemployment Rate 2.6
Delhi Unemployment Rate 8.8
Goa Unemployment Rate 17.7
Gujarat Unemployment Rate 1.8
Haryana Unemployment Rate 27.9
Himachal Pradesh Unemployment Rate 16.3
Jammu & Kashmir Unemployment Rate 10.6
Jharkhand Unemployment Rate 12.8
Karnataka Unemployment Rate 5.6
Kerala Unemployment Rate 15.8
Madhya Pradesh Unemployment Rate 2.3
Maharashtra Unemployment Rate  4.4
Meghalaya Unemployment Rate 2.8
Odisha Unemployment Rate 3.5
Puducherry Unemployment Rate 47.1
Punjab Unemployment Rate 8.2
Rajasthan Unemployment Rate 26.2
Sikkim Unemployment Rate 0.0
Tamil Nadu Unemployment Rate 8.3
Telangana Unemployment Rate 4.8
Tripura Unemployment Rate 9.6
Uttar Pradesh Unemployment Rate 4.3
Uttarakhand Unemployment Rate 4.8
West Bengal Unemployment Rate 22.1

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