Current Affairs Quiz : October, 2021 | Current Affairs October 2021

Current Affairs Quiz : October, 2021 | Current Affairs October 2021

What percentage of India's exports is contributed by MSMEs?

Ans 40

✅'Clean India Program' has been inaugurated from which state?

Ans Uttar Pradesh

✅Recently in news Hwasong-8 is the new hypersonic missile test-fired by which country?

Ans North Korea

✅Who has recently taken over as the Chief Hydrographer of the Government of India?

Ans Adhir Arora

✅SAGE and SACRED portals, which were in news recently, belong to which section of the population?

Ans Older people

✅The theme of which day observed on 30th September is “Seafarers: at the core of shipping's future”?

Ans World Maritime Day

✅Which company has launched 'Future Engineer Program' in India?

Ans Amazon

✅Gold Exchange and Social Stock Exchange, which were in news recently, are approved by which organization?


✅By which year India unveiled the 'National Action Plan for the Elimination of Dog-mediated Rabies' to eliminate rabies?

Ans 2030

✅Padmaja Chanduru, former MD and CEO of Indian Bank has been appointed as the new MD and CEO of which organization?


✅Which institute has developed the first option of cornea transplant in India?

Ans IIT – Hyderabad

✅The Lucy mission, which was in news recently, is associated with which space agency?


✅Which technology company has launched 'Creator Education Program' in India?

Ans Facebook

✅What is the meaning of 'P' in the PCA framework relating to Reserve Bank of India?

Ans Prompt

✅What is the external debt ratio of India's GDP as of March 2020?

Ans 21.1%

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