Current Affairs November 2021 , 2021 Current Affairs For Competitive Examinations, current affairs 2021 pdf download in english

Current Affairs November 2021  ,  2021 Current Affairs  For Competitive Examinations, current affairs 2021 pdf download in English

What is the rank of India in the first Global Drug Policy Index 2021?

Answer – 18

The Global Drug Policy Index 2021 was recently released by the Harm Reduction Consortium. Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, the UK and Australia have been ranked in the top 5 in humane and health-driven medicine policies. India is ranked 18th out of 30 countries with a score of 74/100. The five lowest ranked countries are Brazil, Uganda, Indonesia, Kenya and Mexico.

What is the name of the famous meteor shower that occurs every November?

Answer – Leonids Meteor Shower

The Leonids Meteor Shower, originally discovered in 1833, occurs every November. This meteor shower started on November 6 this year and will continue till November 30 and can be seen with the naked eye. The peak activity is expected on November 17th. The meteor shower consists of debris left behind by the 55P/Tempel-Tuttle comet that entered Earth's atmosphere. These debris objects are called meteors and are seen as streaks of bright light in the night sky.

What is the name of the world's first plasmid DNA vaccine for the treatment of Kovid-19?

Answer – ZyCoV-D

Zydus Cadila's ZyCoV-D is the world's first plasmid DNA vaccine. It is also the first COVID-19 vaccine that can be administered using a needle-free applicator. This 3-dose vaccine was approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for emergency use in adults and children aged 12 years and above. The Government of India has ordered one crore doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine 'ZyCoV-D' to this company.

As per the recent amendments to the Mineral Concession Rules, 2021, what percentage of the mineral produced from captive mines can be sold?

Answer – 50

The Ministry of Mines has notified the Minerals (Other than Atomic and Hydrocarbon Energy Minerals) Concession (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2021, under the new mechanism, 50% of the mineral produced from captive mines can be sold. It also facilitates transfer of mines and partial surrender of lease at no charge.

Which state was formed on 9th November as the 27th state of India?

Answer – Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Foundation Day is celebrated every year on 9 November to commemorate the formation of the 27th state of India. Uttarakhand was formed in the year 2000 by merging several districts and a part of the Himalayan mountain range from the north-western part of Uttar Pradesh. It was earlier known as Uttaranchal and in the year 2007 its name was changed to Uttarakhand.

Vice Admiral R. Hari Kumar to be the next Chief of Naval Staff

November 15 will be observed as "Tribal Pride Day"

 Punjab: Government has appointed Advocate General A.P.S. Deol sacked

 Nepal Army Chief General Prabhu Ram Sharma awarded the Honorary General rank of the Indian Army

 Visit of Dr. Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf, Secretary General, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to India

Indian Air Force to participate in Dubai Air Show at Al Maktoum International Airport from November 14 to 18

 Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan held in New Delhi

 America becomes 101st member country of International Solar Alliance

economic current affairs

 The Union Cabinet has approved the restoration and continuation of the Parliamentarian Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS)

 Cabinet approves hike in the price of ethanol for blending with petrol by up to ₹ 1.47/litre

 Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) will get Rs 17,409 crore for cotton procurement from 7 seasons to 2020-21

International Current Affairs

 World Science Day for Peace and Development observed on 10 November

Sports Affairs

 India's Varun Thakkar and K.C. Ganapathi wins gold medal at Asian 49er Sailing Championships in Oman

Hase art, a unique painting style, is a traditional art practiced in which state of India?

Answer – Karnataka

Hase art is a unique painting style practiced by the Devaru community living in Shivamogga district and Uttara Kannada in Karnataka. Hase Chittara paintings depict rural life, traditional farming, harvesting, among other aspects of daily life. Artists have urged the government to help protect this art form, as the number of people who currently practice painting is small.

Assa wollumbinsp.nov., a recently discovered rare ……… species is

Answer – Frog

Researchers from the University of Newcastle have identified a new species of frog, named Assa wollumbinsp.nov. It was found in Wollumbin National Park, Australia. This frog is one of two known species to have tadpole deposits on its body.

Issi saaneq, a dinosaur species that was modeled recently, is found in which present-day region?

Answer – Greenland

An international team of researchers from Portugal, Denmark and Germany has performed micro-CT scans of previously excavated bones to create digital 3D models. This discovery is related to a new species, which has been named Issi Sanek. It means "coldbone" in the Inuit language of Greenland. The two-legged species lived in present-day Greenland about 214 million years ago. It was a medium-sized, long-necked herbivore and an ancestor of sauropods (the largest land animals).

What is the name of the circuit train recently launched by IRCTC to promote domestic religious tourism?

Answer – Shri Ramayana Yatra Train

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has started 'Shri Ramayana Yatra' train from Delhi. This train left from Delhi's Safdarjung railway station. According to IRCTC, more such campaigns will be run to promote religious tourism. This train will cover the journey of all the major places associated with the life of Lord Shri Ram in 17 days, traveling around 7500 kms in the whole tour.

What is the new name of Mumbai-Karnataka region comprising seven districts of Karnataka?

Answer – Kittur-Karnataka

The Karnataka government has decided to rename the seven-district Mumbai-Karnataka region as 'Kittur Karnataka'. The Mumbai-Karnataka region comprises the districts of Uttara Kannada, Belagavi, Dharwad, Vijayapura, Bagalkot, Gadag and Haveri. Kittur is a historical taluk of Belagavi district which was ruled by Rani Chennamma. In 2019, the Hyderabad-Karnataka region was renamed as "Kalyan-Karnataka".

National Current Affairs

J&K: Srinagar joins UNESCO Creative Cities Network 2021 under Crafts, Folk Art category

NITI Aayog announces top five aspirational districts in education sector for September; Bhupalpally tops the ranking in Telangana

National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) celebrated Legal Services Day on 9 November

Mazagon Dock delivers 4th Scorpene submarine Vela to the Indian Navy; First 3: Kalvari, Khanderi, and Karanj

Uttarakhand Foundation Day celebrated on 9th November

economic current affairs

RBI to organize its first hackathon on Payment Systems 'Harbinger 2021'

Center amends Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 to protect consumer rights

International Current Affairs

COP26: India to co-lead Integrated Biorefineries Mission with an aim to replace fossil fuels

Czech Republic: Parties sign power-sharing agreement to form new government

Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega wins fourth consecutive presidential election

Sports Current Affairs

France's Alireza Firoza (18) won the FIDE Grand Swiss Chess Tournament

Mitrabha Guha (20) became India's 72nd Chess Grand Master

Which country has launched a ship named after Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist?

North America

The US Navy has launched a ship named after a gay rights activist who was forced to resign from service in the 1950s. USNS Harvey Milk was launched in San Diego. It is one of six new ships named after famous American civil rights leaders.

Which Indian state/UT has launched emergency measures of water sprinkling using anti-smog water tanks to reduce air pollution?

Answer – Delhi

A day after pollution levels rose alarmingly in the national capital, the Delhi government started sprinkling water on roads using anti-smog water tanks. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) announced that the Air Quality Index (AQI) has reached the 'severe' category with 533 measurements. The government has also banned 92 construction sites for violating norms.

According to the recent data of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, what is the total number of malnourished children in India?

Answer – 33 lakhs

According to recent statistics, there are over 33 lakh children in India who are malnourished and more than half of them are in the severely malnourished category. The ministry also announced that Maharashtra, Bihar and Gujarat top the states with severely malnourished children.

Wang Yaping is the first astronaut of which country to walk in space?

Answer – China

Wang Yaping became the first Chinese woman to walk in space, her team completing a 6-hour stint outside the Tiangong space station. Tiangong is China's latest achievement. This space station is expected to be operational by 2022.

Lakhimpur Kheri, which was in news recently, is located in which state?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh

The Supreme Court expressed dissatisfaction over the investigation into cases related to the incidents at Lakhimpur Kheri on 3 October. The court also proposed to appoint a retired judge to oversee the investigation till the filing of the chargesheet. Eight people, including four farmers, were killed in the violence during the farmers' protest in Lakhimpur Kheri.

Following are the important news of 9th November, 2021 from the point of view of competitive examinations:

National Current Affairs

Maharashtra: PM Modi lays foundation stone for road projects in the temple town of Pandharpur

Justice Department launches “Tele-Law on Wheels” campaign as part of its week-long Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations from 8 to 14 November 2021

Swarna Jayanti Fellowship awarded to 17 scientists from India

economic current affairs

 Commerce Ministry releases LEADS (Logistics Ease Across Different States) 2021 report; Gujarat retains top spot on Logistics Performance Index

Government launched the first mentorship program for young innovators named 'DBT-Star College Mentorship Programme' supported by Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

Government to buy 10 million doses of Zydus Cadila's 'ZyCoV-D' COVID-19 vaccine at Rs 265 per dose and needle-free applicator "Pharmajet" at Rs 93 per dose

International Current Affairs

 Wang Yaping became the first Chinese woman astronaut to walk in space


 Mercedes driver Max Verstappen wins Formula One Mexico City Grand Prix

 Sankalp Gupta becomes India's 71st Chess Grandmaster

Which organization released a report titled 'Sustainable Urban Cooling Handbook'?

Answer – UNEP

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) released a new report titled 'Sustainable Urban Cooling Handbook'. According to this report, cities will be hotspots as global warming continues uncontrollably. Cities will face climate change due to the urban heat island effect. The report is based on an analysis of 1692 largest cities in the world.

How many countries are part of Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) till November 2021?

Answer – 48

The Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) is an international coalition dedicated to phasing out coal. 28 countries have recently joined this alliance at the COP summit. With this, the number of national governments involved in this coalition has gone up to 48. Ukraine, Poland and Singapore are among the new members of the PPCA, although the three largest consumers of coal such as China, India and the US have not joined.

The recently discovered Inti Tanager (Heliothraupis oneilli) is a species of?

Answer – Birds

The newly discovered species, named inti tanager (Heliothraupis oneilli), belongs to the large family of Thrupidae that includes more than 370 songbird species. These birds are almost entirely confined to the American tropics. This particular bird lives in the Yungas bioregion of Bolivia and Peru.

Which organization along with the Indian Air Force (IAF) has launched a smart anti-airfield weapon?

Answer – DRDO

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Indian Air Force (IAF) have jointly conducted two tests of an indigenously developed Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon. According to a Defense Ministry statement, the weapon was launched by an IAF aircraft from the Chandan ranges in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The system is designed for a maximum range of 100 km and in both the tests, the target was hit with high accuracy.

'Matalafi', a traditional plant believed to be a rival to ibuprofen, is found in which country?

Answer – Samoa

A plant in Samoa (country in Oceania) called 'matalafi' may be as potent as ibuprofen, according to a new research. This plant was traditionally used to treat fever, body aches and ghost sickness. According to studies, it can compete with ibuprofen for its anti-inflammatory properties. Matalafi is a small tree with red berries, also known as Psychotria insularum. It grows along the coasts and in the forests of Samoa.

National Current Affairs

UP: Zika virus cases rise to 79

economic current affairs

India's economic recovery picks up pace in recent months: PHDCCI Economy GPS Index

 The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation has declared Srinagar Airport as a “Major Airport” under the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority Act, 2008 (AERA).

International Current Affairs

 Iran's army begins its annual war game "Zolfaghar-1400" in the Gulf of Oman

Sports Current Affairs

India's Manika Batra and Archana Kamath won the women's doubles title at the World Table Tennis Contenders Tournament in Lasko (Slovenia)

 Serbia's Novak Djokovic wins men's singles title at Paris Masters Tennis Tournament

 President's Cup Shooting Championship in Wroclaw, Poland: Saurabh Chaudhary wins silver in men's air pistol event

 Which Indian bank has launched the first 'Video Life Certificate Service' for pensioners?

Answer – State Bank of India

State Bank of India (SBI) has launched the first 'Video Life Certificate Service' for pensioners. With this new facility, pensioners will be able to submit their life certificate through video from their homes. According to SBI, this facility is available only to pensioners and the spouse of the pensioner receiving the pension will not be able to use this facility. The process of Video Life Certificate is paperless and available free of cost.

According to a recent NASA study on climate change, which crop will register 17% increase due to climate change?

Answer – Wheat

Climate change could affect the production of corn and wheat by 2030 under a high greenhouse gas emission scenario, according to a new NASA study published in the journal Nature Food. According to this study, maize crop yields are projected to drop by 24%, while wheat could potentially increase by about 17%. This is due to increases in surface CO2 concentrations from rising temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Which country has become the first country in the world to approve the oral tablet 'Molnupiravir' for the treatment of symptomatic COVID?

Answer – UK

The UK drug regulator has recently approved the first antiviral pill manufactured to treat symptomatic COVID-19. The weak patients suffering from this disease will be given a tablet named Molnupiravir twice a day.

With which country India will set up seven additional entry and exit points for trade?

Answer – Bhutan

India and Bhutan will have seven additional entry and exit points for trade as part of measures to enhance trade connectivity. These include Nagarkata Land Customs Station, Agartala Land Customs Station, Pandu Port (Guwahati Steamer Ghat), Jogighopa Port, Asian Highway 48 Torsha Tea Garden in India and Ahle in Bhutan. Trade between India and Bhutan has increased from $484 million in 2014-15 to $1,083 million in 2020-21.

'Bestu Varas' is the new year celebrated in which state?

Answer – Gujarat

Bestu Varas or Gujarati New Year is celebrated in the month of Kartik of the Hindu calendar. This day is traditionally known as Varsha Pratipada or Bestu Varas.

National Current Affairs

Uttarakhand: PM Modi inaugurates reconstructed Shankaracharya Samadhi in Kedarnath

Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muraleedharan visits The Gambia

economy and corporate

India's forex reserves rose by US$ 1.919 billion to US$ 642.019 billion for the week ended October 29

Government cuts basic duty on crude palm oil, crude soybean oil and crude sunflower oil

Amazon, Apple, Mahindra join first movers alliance to meet demand for zero-carbon technology

Indian Oil Corporation announces plans to set up 10,000 electric car charging stations in next 3 years

NCLT approves GAIL to buy 26% stake of bankrupt IL&FS in OTPC (ONGC Tripura Power Company)

IMF welcomes India's announcement at COP26 summit on new targets to increase reliance on renewable energy, reduce carbon intensity

International Current Affairs

 Portugal's President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa announces mid-term elections on 30 January

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has collaborated with which ministry to form 'Single Window Filming Mechanism'?

Answer – Ministry of Railways

A 'Single Window Filming Mechanism' has been created by the Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The objective of the scheme is to make permitting filming in railway premises easier and more efficient. Under this mechanism, filmmakers can submit online applications for filming in a centralized manner at various railway locations under the jurisdiction of any zonal railway.

In the first major deal of the COP26 climate summit, leaders have promised to end and reverse deforestation by which year?

Answer – 2030

In the first major deal at the COP26 climate summit, 110 world leaders committed to ending and reversing deforestation by 2030. The commitment, called the 'Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use', includes $12 billion in public funds and $7.2 billion in private funds.

From which state does the Mandakini river, which was in news recently?

Answer – Madhya Pradesh

Mandakini, a tributary of Yamuna, starts from Satna district of Madhya Pradesh and joins Yamuna in Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh. The river flows through the Sati Anusuiya, which is a perennial trough where several springs merge into it. It was in news recently, as encroachment, concretization and pollution are causing serious damage to this river.

Which country is going to provide “India Green Guarantee” to the World Bank to finance green projects?

Answer – UK

The UK will provide an “India Green Guarantee” to the World Bank to unlock £750 million for green projects across India. This was announced at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The Green Guarantee financing will support clean and resilient infrastructure in sectors including clean energy, transportation and urban development. The UK has committed more than £210 million to the United Nations Climate Summit under the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG).

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have detected the presence of which mineral in the Katol L6 Chondrite meteorite?

Answer – Bridgmanite

A study led by researchers at IIT Kharagpur found the presence of the mineral bridgmanite, which is the most abundant mineral in the Earth's interior, within the Katol L6 Chondrite meteorite. The major findings of this study can help us understand the formation and evolution of the Earth. This meteorite fell near Katol town in Nagpur district of Maharashtra in 2012.

Cook Strait, which was in news recently, is located in which country?

Answer – New Zealand

The Cook Strait separates the North and South islands of New Zealand. It connects the Tasman Sea to the northwest with the South Pacific Ocean to the southeast. Recently, Friedman, who founded the company ElectricAir, crossed this strait for the first time in an electric plane. This 40-minute solo flight was conducted 101 years after the first man had flown a conventional aircraft over the strait.

What is the name of the website launched by Indian climatologists to assess equity in climate action?

Answer – Climate Equity Monitor

Independent researchers from India have developed an online dashboard on global climate policy called "Climate Equity Monitor". The Climate Equity Monitor Dashboard provides an online dashboard to assess equity in climate action, inequality in emissions, worldwide energy consumption and climate policies of several countries.

STRIVE is a World Bank funded project being implemented by which Union Ministry?

Answer – Ministry of Skill Development

Skills Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE) is a World Bank funded project which was launched in 2016 at a total cost of Rs 2200 crore. The objective of this project is to create awareness through industry groups to address issues related to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The STRIVE program was launched through Kanara Industries Association-Industrial Cluster in Mangaluru.

Which Indian state is going to start the Indus River Dolphins census?

Answer – Punjab

Punjab is going to start the census of Indus river dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor). It is a freshwater dolphin found in the Beas River. The Indus river dolphin has been classified as 'endangered' by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In 2007, this dolphin was discovered in Harike Wildlife Sanctuary, Punjab. Indus river dolphin was declared the state aquatic animal of Punjab in 2019.

Which organization delivered the first ship of Project 15B class destroyer-yard 12704 (Visakhapatnam) to the Indian Navy?

Answer – Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders (MDL) has delivered the first ship of Project 15B Class Destroyer-Yard 12704 (Visakhapatnam) to the Indian Navy. The ship is constructed using indigenous steel DMR 249A and is one of the largest destroyers built in India. Its total length is 164 meters and its displacement is more than 7500 tonnes. It is equipped with supersonic surface-to-surface 'Brahmos' missile and 'Barak-8' long-range surface-to-air missiles.

National Current Affairs

COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow: PM Modi launches Infrastructure for Resilient Island States (IRIS) initiative to develop infrastructure for small island nations

COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow: India launches 'One Sun, One World, One Grid' (OSOWOG) program

COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow: India joins UK's 'Glasgow Breakthrough', an international plan to deliver clean and affordable technology everywhere by 2030

 COP26 climate summit in Glasgow: UK launches India Green Guarantee, commits new fund for electric vehicles in India

Former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh resigns from Congress, announces his own party named Punjab Lok Congress

National Ayurveda Day celebrated on 2nd November

economic current affairs

Defense Ministry approves procurement of weapons, equipment worth Rs 7,965 crore including 12 Light Utility Helicopters from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

RBI releases Revised Prompt Corrective Action Framework for banks

 Rajasthan Police arrests former SBI chairman Pratip Chaudhary in 2014 loan scam case

International Current Affairs

 COP26 Summit in Glasgow: Global Methane Pledge launched by over 100 countries to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030 from 2020 levels

 Facebook will shut down its face recognition system and delete data

National Sports Awards

Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Awardee: Neeraj Chopra: Athletics, Ravi Kumar: Wrestling, Lovlina Borgohain: Boxing, Sreejesh PR: Hockey, Avni Lekhara: Para Shooting, Pramod Bhagat: Para Badminton, Krishna Nagar: Para Badminton, Manish Narwal : Para Shooting, Mithali Raj : Cricket, Sunil Chhetri : Football, Manpreet Singh : Hockey

Arjuna Awardees include Arpinder Singh: Athletics and Simranjit Kaur: Boxing

TP Ausef in Dronacharya Award: Athletics and Sarkar Talwar: Cricket

The Dhyan Chand Award for Lifetime Achievement winners include the articles KC: Boxing and Abhijit Kunte: Chess.

Which Union Ministry has launched 'Deep Dive Online Training Program'?

Answer – Ministry of Electronics and IT

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is organizing a week long 'Deep Dive Online Training Program'. The training program is organized by the National e-Governance Division at MeitY under the 'Cyber ​​Safe India' initiative. MeitY launched the Cyber ​​Safe India initiative in 2018 as the first public-private partnership in cyber awareness. This online program trains Chief Information Security Officers with IT staff of various Ministries, PSUs and Banks.

Who is the chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM)?

Answer – Bibek Debroy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the restructuring of his Economic Advisory Council (EAC-PM). Bibek Debroy, president of the Indian Statistical Institute, is the chairman of this council. The new advisory council has been appointed for a period of two years.

Which organization issues the periodic Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Bulletin?

Answer – World Meteorological Organization

The latest GHG bulletin has been released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). According to this report, the increasing trend of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions continued in 2021. The report also noted that all three major GHGs, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), have registered an increase. If emissions continue at the current pace, average global warming will exceed the Paris Agreement global temperature target.

What is 'AY.4.2', which was in news recently?

Answer – Coronavirus Lineage

AY.4.2, which was in news recently, is a 'coronavirus variant'. This pedigree is overseen by the Pango Network, a team of researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford. The AY.4.2. The lineage was discovered in April this year.

 'Joint Statistical Publication (JSP) 2021' and 'JSP Snapshot 2021' are publications of which regional association?

Answer – BRICS

The meeting of Heads of National Statistics Offices of BRICS countries was held in virtual format under the chairmanship of India. The Chief Statistician of India and Secretary, Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI) chaired the meeting. Joint Statistical Publication (JSP) 2021 and JSP Snapshot 2021 were released for BRICS countries during this meeting.

Army officer Lt Col Bharat Pannu sets Guinness World Record for cycling from Gujarat to Arunachal; Covered a distance of 3,800 km in nine days

Supreme Court quashes Calcutta High Court order banning firecrackers in West Bengal during Kali Puja, Diwali and other festivals

India and World Bank sign agreement to strengthen health systems in Meghalaya

Amit Shah inaugurates elevated corridor on Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Highway

economic current affairs

Government of India constitutes a 20-member Empowered Group of Secretaries to oversee the development and implementation of PM Gati Shakti NMP

SBI launches video life certificate service for pensioners

International Current Affairs

Japan: PM Fumio Kishida's Liberal Democratic Party and Komito's coalition retain majority in parliamentary elections

Which country is going to launch 'Har Ghar Dastak' campaign to promote vaccination?

North India

According to a release issued by the Union Health Ministry of India, the “Har Ghar Dastak” campaign is soon going to start in districts with low vaccination rates. Its aim is to motivate people to get vaccinated. According to the health ministry, there were over 10.34 crore people in the country who missed out on the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while states had over 12 crore unused doses available.

The Chief Election Commissioner of India, Sushil Chandra, oversees the presidential election of which country recently?

Answer – Uzbekistan

Chief Election Commissioner of India Sushil Chandra led a three-member delegation to Uzbekistan to oversee the presidential election of Uzbekistan. The Indian team has overseen the election as an international observer. Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev received over 80% of the vote in the elections and was re-elected for a second five-year term.

Which institute organized the 'Pune Dialogue on National Security - PDNS 2021'?

Answer – Pune International Center

The Pune International Center (PIC) has organized the 6th 'Pune Dialogue on National Security (PDNS) 2021'. It is a two-day virtual conference with the theme 'National Security Preparedness in the Age of Disasters and Pandemics'. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval delivered the inaugural address at the conference.

 The National Formulary of India (NFI), which was launched recently, has been prepared by which institute?

Answer – Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya launched the 6th edition of the National Formulary of India (NFI). NFI has been published by Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) to promote rational use of medicines in the country. It is a guidance document for all health professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists etc. in their daily clinical practices.

Which Indian state has topped the Public Affairs Index (PAI 2021)?

Answer – Kerala

The Public Affairs Centre, a Bengaluru-based non-profit think tank releases the Public Affairs Index every year. In this year's Public Affairs Index, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana have secured the top three positions among 18 large states in governance performance. The index is based on the scores obtained by the states in the performance of governance on the pillars of equity, growth and sustainability. The COVID-19 response index has been added to this year's index for the first time. Sikkim, Goa and Mizoram are the winners among smaller states, Puducherry, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh UT tops the list.

Climate Equity Monitor website on global climate policy launched in India

Nationwide Swachh Bharat Abhiyan culminates with Fit India Plog Run

146th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel celebrated as National Unity Day on 31st October

260 ITBP personnel awarded Special Operations Medal for service during East Ladakh standoff

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh dedicated to the nation 'Sardar Patel Leadership Centre' at LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration) Mussoorie

US returns 250 antiques worth an estimated $15 million to India

Customers can now subscribe to Atal Pension Yojana through Aadhaar eKYC: Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA)

Union Home Affairs and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah launched the “Dairy Sahakar” scheme for cooperatives in Anand, Gujarat during the 75th Foundation Year Celebrations of Amul

The Finance Ministry has approved the proposal of the Board of Trustees of the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to pay interest at the rate of 8.5 percent on deposits for 2020-21.

Former Supreme Court judge Justice Ashok Bhushan appointed as chairperson of NCLAT (National Company Law Appellate Tribunal)

PM Modi, French President Emmanuel Macron decide to expand Indo-Pacific Partnership

G20 leaders support global minimum 15% tax on multinational corporations at Rome summit

G20 leaders agree to limit global warming to 1.5°C target at Rome summit

World Cities Day celebrated on 31 October

 The Mullaperiyar Dam located in Kerala is under the control of which state?

Answer – Tamil Nadu

Mullaperiyar Dam is located in the state of Kerala and is under the control of Tamil Nadu. It has long been disputed as it threatens lakhs of people living in low-lying areas in Kerala and provides irrigation facilities to over 2 lakh hectares in five districts of Tamil Nadu. Recently, the Supreme Court directed that the maximum water level in the Mullaperiyar dam should be 139.50 feet by November 10. The dam is located in the upper reaches of the Periyar River, which originates in Tamil Nadu and flows into Kerala.

Who is the fund manager of SWAMIH Fund?

Answer – SBI Cap

SBI Cap is the fund manager of the 'Special Window for Affordable & Mid-Income Housing' (SWAMIH) fund. Recently, this fund has announced a complete exit from its investment made in a residential project in Mumbai. This fund was set up in the year 2020 to provide last mile financing to those affordable housing projects which are stuck due to financial crisis. Swamy (SWAMIH) has approved 95 projects worth over Rs 9,500 crore which will complete over 57,700 houses.

Which organization released a report titled 'The Road from Paris: India's Progress Towards its Climate Pledge'?

Answer – Natural Resources Defense Council

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has recently released its annual review of India's actions on climate change. NRDC is an international non-profit environmental organization. According to this report, India is on track to meet its Paris Climate Agreement targets in a big way. It states that India has to meet its target of reducing emissions of its GDP by 33 to 35% by 2030 from 2005 levels.

 The US state of Georgia has announced to celebrate which Indian language as 'Rajyotsava Day'?

Answer – Kannada

Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp has announced that November 1 will be celebrated as 'Kannada Language and Rajyotsava Day'. Georgia has become the first state in the US to make such a declaration for Kannada. Georgia is one of the states with the largest number of Indian immigrants to the Americas, Kannada is one of the longest surviving classical languages, with rich literature and inscriptions dating back to 450 BC.

 Sitting Bull, which was in news recently, was a ……….. a native leader.

North American

Sitting Bull was a great Hunkpapa Lakota leader who led his people during the years of resistance against the policies of the government. Recently, scientists have confirmed a man from South Dakota—Ernie Lapointe—as the great-grandson of 19th-century Native American leader Sitting Bull. Scientists took DNA from a small sample of sitting bull hair in Washington DC.

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