5 December 2021 Current Affairs |5 December Current Affairs By -Study IQ GK

5 December 2021 Current Affairs |5 December Current Affairs By -Study IQ GK 

When is 'Indian Navy Day 2021' celebrated? 

Ans. 4 December

Important Points –

 In the 1971 India-Pakistan war, the Indian Navy attacked Karachi, this operation was named 'Operation Trident' and this operation started only on 4 December, so the Indian Navy was the first to complete this mission. Celebrates success as Navy Day. 

On December 4, 2021, 50 years of India's victory in the Indo-Pakistani War were completed.
Theme of Indian Navy Day 2021 – Golden Vijay Varsh

Where is the 'Asian Youth Paralympic Games 2021' organized?

Ans. Manama (Bahrain)

Important Points –

Asian Youth Para Games 2021 has been organized in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.
Ananya Bansal won the silver medal for India by winning the silver medal in Shotput (Important Points)
Edition – Fourth (Critical Points)

Who has become the new chairman of 'National Asset Reconstruction Company (NARCL)'?

Ans. Pradeep Shah

Which female football player has won the 'Ballon d'Or' title 2021?

Ans. Alexia Putellas

Important Points –

Alexia Putellas is from Spain (Important Points) who has won the women's 'Ballon d'Or' title 2021.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi Men's Ballon D'(Ballon d'Or) 'title in 2021 won the made history (important point)
is regulated by FIFA soccer game in the world.

Fédération International de Football Association

Founded – 21 May 1904

Headquarters – Zurich (Switzerland)

President – ​​Gianni Infantino 

 Who has been awarded the Assam State's highest civilian state award, the 'Assam Bhaibav Award' for contribution to cancer care?

Ans. Ratan Tata

Important Points –

the occasion of Assam Day, the state government of Assam honored renowned industrialist Ratan Tata with the highest civilian state award, the 'Assam Bhaibav' award, for his contribution to cancer care in the state. Is.

Which country has signed an agreement with France for a record 80 Rafale fighter jets?

Ans. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Important Points – 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed a 14 billion euro agreement with France for 80 Rafale fighter jets, this is the largest ever international order for Rafale jets. 

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

UAE is located in the continent of Asia.
Capital of UAE – Abu Dhabi
Currency of UAE – UAE Dirham
President of UAE – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Which bank has launched 'India's first credit card made of recycled PVC plastic'?

Ans. HSBC Bank

Important Points –

HSBC Bank has launched India's first credit card made of recycled PVC plastic.
These cards are made from 85 percent recycled plastic and each card will save 3.18 grams of plastic waste apart from helping to reduce overall carbon emissions.
HSBC Bank India –
Established – 1853
Headquarters – Mumbai
CEO – Hitendra Dave

 According to the report of 'Reserve Bank of India (RBI)', which state has become the largest manufacturing hub of the country?

Ans. Gujarat

Important Points –

According to the data of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Gujarat has become the largest manufacturing hub of the country.
And Gujarat has left Maharashtra behind. According to the data, the Gross Value Addition (GVA) of Gujarat has increased by 15.9 per cent year-on-year to Rs 5.11 lakh crore from FY 2012 to 2020.

Maharashtra's GVA grew by 7.5 per cent to Rs 4.34 lakh crore during the same period, which is half that of Gujarat.
Explain that GVA is an economic metric that measures the supply of goods and services in an economy.

Gujarat Gujarat
Capital of Gujarat – Gandhinagar
Chief Minister of Gujarat – Bhupendra Patel
Governor of Gujarat – Acharya Devvrat
Chief Justice of Gujarat – Arvind Kumar

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 In the 98-year history of Disney, who has become the first woman president of the 'Disney Board'?

Ans. Suzanne Arnold

Important Points – 

Suzanne Arnold will replace Bob Eager.

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