Current affairs 3rd December 2021 , 3rd December Current Affairs

Current affairs 3rd December 2021 , 3rd December Current Affairs 

Current affairs 3rd December 2021

Q.1- On which day is the 'Bhopal Gas Tragedy' recorded as the most painful tragedy in the pages of history? 

Ans. National Pollution Control Day 

Important Points – 

2 December 1984 was marked as National Pollution Control Day to remember the people who lost their lives during Bhopal Gas Tragedy and to make every person aware of the importance of pollution control acts. Is.
On 2nd December 2021, 37 years of Bhopal Gas Tragedy have been completed (Important Point)
Theme of National Pollution Control Day 2021 – raising awareness around pollution.
Bhopal gas tragedy -
On the night of 2-3 December 1984, there was a leakage of Methyl Isocyanate gas from Union Carbide [changed name- Dow Chemicals] company's plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (Critical Point)
Methyl Isocyanite The chemical formula of- CH3NCO (Critical Point)
Thousands of people died in this incident and millions of people were affected by it. 

Q.2- Which country will host the 'G20 Summit' for the first time in 2023?

Ans. India 

Important Points –

India will assume the chairmanship of G20 from Indonesia on 1st December 2022 and in 2023 the first G20 leaders summit will be held in the country.
Other G20 summits –
G20 summits 2020 – Saudi Arabia
G20 summits 2021 – Italy
G20 summits 2022 – Indonesia
G20 summits 2023 – India
G-20 –
Group of twenty
G-20 is a group of 19 countries and the European Union (EU).
Establishment – ​​26 September 1999
India is part of G-20.
Where was the first G20 conference held - America (2008)
Where will the 16th G20 summit 2021 - Italy Where will the
17th G20 summit 2022 - Indonesia
Where will the 18th G20 summit 2023 be held - India 

Q.3- Who has become the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 'e-commerce company Myntra'? 

Ans. Nandita Sinha 

Important Points –

Nandita Sinha will replace Amar Nagaram. 

Q.4- 'Hornbill festival' is celebrated in which state? 

Ans. Nagaland

Important Points –

Hornbill festival is celebrated every year in Nagaland from 1st to 10th December, it is organized by the state government in Naga Heritage village.
The festival is named after the Indian bird Great Hornbill.
The main objective of celebrating this festival is to protect, revive and promote the traditions and cultural heritage of Nagaland. 

Q.5- Which of its foundation day is celebrated by 'Nagaland' on 1st December 2021? 

Ans. 59th .

Important Points –

Nagaland has celebrated its 59th Foundation Day on 1st December 2021.
Nagaland got statehood on 1 December 1963.
Nagaland – (Nagaland)
Establishment of Nagaland – 1 December 1963
Capital of Nagaland – Kohima
Chief Minister of Nagaland – Neiphiu Rio (National Democratic Progressive Party)
Chief Justice of Nagaland – Sudhanshu Dhulia 

Q.6- Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu has released the book 'Democracy, politics and governance'. 

Ans. Dr. A Surya Prakash 

Q.7- Who has been honored with 'Rajyotsava award 2021' by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai? 

Ans. Rohan Bopanna

Important Points –

Indian tennis star Rohan Bopanna has been conferred with the Rajyotsava Award 2021 by the Chief Minister of Karnataka Basavaraj Bommai. 

Q.8- Who has become the '35th Chief Secretary of Haryana State'?

Ans. Sanjeev Kaushal

Important Points –

Sanjay Kaushal has become the 35th Chief Secretary of Haryana State.
Capital of Haryana –
Chandigarh Chief Minister of Haryana – Manohar Lal Khattar (BJP Party)
Governor of Haryana – Bandaru Dattatreya Chief Justice of Haryana
– Ravi Shankar Jha 

Q.9- Who has got the title of Best Actor in '6th BRICS Film Festival (6th BRICS film festival) 2021'? 

Ans. Dhanush 

Important Points – 

Actor Dhanush has won the Best Actor Award at the BRICS Film Festival for his stellar performance in the Tamil film Asuran.
Best Actress – Lara Boldorini has received the Best Actress Award at the BRICS Film Festival for her stellar performance in the Brazilian film On Wheels.

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Q.10- Indian Army has received advanced 'Heron drones' from which country?

Ans. Israel 

Important Points - 

Israel has given such drones to the Indian Army, whose cameras, sensors and radars are as sharp as the eyes of an eagle. Their name is Heron Drones. The Indian Army has deployed four Heron drones in the Ladakh sector.
Israel Aerospace Industries has celebrated 

Heron Drones ( Important Point) The Heron Drone once raised in the air is capable of flying for 52 hours. It keeps flying very calmly at an altitude of 35 thousand feet i.e. ten and a half kilometers from the ground.

Israel Israel

is located in the continent of Asia.

Capital of Israel – Jerusalem

Currency of Israel – Israeli Shekel

Prime Minister of Israel – Naftali Bennett

President of Israel – Isaac Herzog

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