11 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download

 11 February 202 Current Affairs PDF Download

Question 01. Which state has recently started the 'Karkhandar Yojana' for artisans and weavers?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir (Union Territory)

Question 02. Which social networking platform has recently launched 'Take a Break' feature?

Answer: Instagram

Question 03. Where will India's first biomass based hydrogen plant be set up recently?

Answer: In Madhya Pradesh (in Khandwa district)

Question 04. Recently which state has released its new IT policy 2022.

Answer: Gujarat

Question 05. The largest buyer of gold in 2021 is Central Bank of Thailand, but who is the second largest buyer.

Answer: Reserve Bank of India

Question 06. Who has recently received the 18th Late Madhavrao Limaye Award?

Answer: Nitin Gadkari

Question 07. Recently on 24 January 2022, which of its communication satellites has been deactivated by ISRO.

Answer: INSAT-4B

Question 08. Recently who has been appointed as the new chairman of Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

Answer: S. to teens

Q 09. Which is the first Union Territory to be integrated with the 'Single Window System' recently?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Question 10. What will be the name of the team of Ahmedabad in IPL 2022 recently.

Answer: Gujarat Titans

Question 11. When is the 'World Pulses Day' celebrated recently?

Answer: 10th February 

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