20 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download

 20 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download 

Question 01. Recently, which storm has come in the coastal areas of Russia, Britain.

Answer: Yunis Toofan

Question 02. Recently in which state or union territory 12 thousand school classrooms have been inaugurated simultaneously.

Answer: Delhi (by Arvind Kejriwal)

Question 03. Recently who has become the FIFA Club World Cup Champion 2021.

Answer: Chelsea

Question 04. Between which countries will the Cope South 2022 joint exercise be held recently?

Answer: America - Bangladesh

Question 05. Recently which ministry has launched the New India Literacy Program for adult education?

Answer: Ministry of Education

Question 06. Recently the writer and poet Chennaveera Kanavi has passed away, he was famous for which language?

Answer: Kannada language

Q07. With whom has Twitter recently tied up to promote the Tips feature?

Answer: With Paytm

Question 08. Recently who has released the India Tourism Vision Document 2035.

Answer: Federation of Association of Indian Tourism and Hospitality (FAITH)

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