6 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download

6 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download

Question 01. Recently 216 m. Where has the statue named 'Statue of Equality' been unveiled?

Answer: Hyderabad (Sitting statue of Ramanujacharya)

Question 02. Recently on 04 February World Cancer Day has been celebrated, what was the theme of this day.

Answer: Close the caregap

6 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download

Question 03. Recently, the US has announced to give the status of a non-NATO ally to which country?

Answer: Qatar

Question 04. Recently who has won the title of 'Miss Pakistan Universal 2022'.

Answer: Dr. Shafaq Akhtar

Question 05. Recently Vagir has been sea tested, what is it?

Answer: Scorpene submarine

Question 06. Recently who has been nominated for the prestigious 2022 Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year Award?

Answer: Neeraj Chopra

Question 07. Recently, which one of the most powerful supercomputers of India has been installed and commissioned by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Answer: Param Pravega

Question 08. Recently who has become the new Accounts Secretary General of India.

Answer: Sonali Singh

Question 09. Where is the 24th Winter Olympics 2022 being organized?

Answer: Beijing in China

Question 10. The government of which state has started the 'Clap Campaign' for the cleanliness, cleanliness of rural areas.

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

Question 11. Who is the author of the recently launched 'Golden Boy Neeraj Chopra'?

Answer: Navdeep Singh Gill

Question 12. Recently IUCN has declared which of India's first other effective area based conservation measures site?

Answer: Aravali Biodiversity Park, Gurugram (Haryana) 

Current Affairs 6  February 2022 Download PDF


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