7 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download @

7 February 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download @ 

Question 01. Who has won the Cricket Under-19 World Cup 2022?

Answer: India (by defeating England)

Question 02. Whom has the Indian cricket team defeated in its 1000th ODI match?

Answer: West Indies (06 February 2022)

Question 03. Which is the tallest statue sitting in the world?

Answer: Statue of Equality (216 feet high)

7 February 2022 Current affairs pdf Download

Question 04. Which state's tableau has got the best tableau award in the Republic Day Parade 2022.

Answer: One district one product and tableau of Kashi Vishwanath Dham Uttar Pradesh

Question 05. In the Republic Day Parade 2022, which army has got the award for the best troop?

Answer: CISF contingent

Question 06. Which country has announced a diplomatic boycott of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics?

Answer: India

Question 07. Which state will start Parai Shikshaalaya (Neighborhood School) to conduct classes in the open ground for pre-primary students?

Answer: West Bengal

Question 08. Who has been given additional charge of Controller General of Accounts by the Government of India?

Answer: Sonali Singh

Question 09. According to the data of Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, what was the percentage of unemployment rate in India in January 2022.

Answer: 6.57 percent

Question 10. Recently who has become the 35th state of India to implement One Nation One Ration Card.

Answer: Chhattisgarh

Current Affairs 7 February 2022 Download PDF

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