01 March 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download

01 March 2022 Current Affairs PDF Download 

Question 01. Recently who has won gold medal in junior tournament in Moscow Wushu Stars Championship 2022?

Ans :- Sadia Tariq

Question 02. Recently, from which country the Government of India has launched 'Operation Ganga' mission to evacuate Indians?

Ans :- Ukraine

Question 03. When is World NGO Day 2022 celebrated recently?

Ans :- 27 February

Question 04. Which union has recently suspended Russian President Vladimir Putin from the post of president?

Ans :- International Judo Federation

Question 05. Recently who has won the title of Mexican Open 2022?

Ans :- Rafael Nadal

Question 06. Who has recently launched “ICMR/DHR Policy on Biomedical Innovation”?

Ans :- Mansukh Mandaviya

Question 07. When was Polio National Immunization Day 2022 organized recently?

Ans :- February 27, 2022

Question 08. Recently, who has become the first black woman judge of the US Supreme Court?

Ans :- Ketanji Brown Jackson 


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