04 March 2022 Current Affairs pdf Download

 04 March 2022 Current Affairs pdf Download

Question 01. In which state India's first ambulance for street animals has been started recently?

Ans :- Tamil Nadu

Question 02. Who won the gold medal in Air Pistol in the International Sports Federation World Cup held in Cairo, Egypt recently?

Ans :- Saurabh Chaudhary 

Question 03. Recently who has become the new 'Commanding-in-Chief' of the Western Command of the Air Force?

Ans :- Sreekumar Prabhakaran

Question 04. Which institute has recently launched the International Monsoon Project Office?

Ans :- IITM, Pune

Question 05. Which country's unmanned submersible has made the world's deepest dive to the bottom of the ocean?

Ans :- China

Question 06. When has World Wildlife Day 2022 been celebrated recently?

Ans :- 03 March

Question 07. Who has become the world's number one male player in the recently released 'Tennis ATP Ranking'?

Ans :- Daniil Medvedev

Question 08. Recently who has been appointed as the new CEO of Yash Raj Films?

Ans :- Akshay Vidhi

Question 09. Recently which High Court has directed the state government to form a panel for wetlands?

Ans :- Tripura High Court

Question 10. Recently who has launched the next generation GOES-T weather satellite?

Ans :- NASA

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