06 March 2022 Current Affairs pdf Download

 06 March 2022 Current Affairs pdf Download

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Question 01. Recently with which organization NIOT is organizing the conference and exhibition organized for the first time OCEANS 2022?

Ans :- IIT Madras

Question 02. In which city was the Summit 2022 on Plastic Recycling and Waste Management organized recently?

Ans :- New Delhi

6 March 2022 Current Affairs Pdf Download

Question 03. According to the recently released report, India and which country are most vulnerable to climate change?

Ans :- Pakistan

Question 04. Which great Australian bowler has passed away recently at the age of 52?

Ans :- Shane Warne

Question 05. Recently which ministry has started “Stree Manoraksha Project” in collaboration with Bengaluru?

Ans :- Ministry of Women and Child Development

Question 06. In which country has the ICC Women's World Cup 2022 started recently?

Ans :- New Zealand

Question 07. Who has recently released the Center for Science and Environment's “Status of India’s Environment Report, 2022”?

Ans :- Bhupendra Yadav

Question 08. Who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jet Airways recently?

Ans :- Sanjeev Kapoor

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