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How to Prepare Linear and Vector Algebra for NDA ?

How to Prepare Linear and Vector Algebra for NDA 2022 Mathematics Exam 

The NDA exam is administered by the UPSC and is required for admission to the Army,Navy, and Air Force branches of the NDA. This exam serves as a stepping stone for students interested in joining the Army, Navy, or Air Force.

NDA Paper-I is made up of questions related to mathematics. This section has a lower weightage than the General Ability Test. It does, however, play a significant role in candidate selection. Because the questions are largely from Classes 11 and 12, the NDA's Mathematics section is not difficult to grasp. 

Since Linear Algebra and Vector Algebra questions carry the most weight in the NDA exam's Mathematics part, aspirants should extensively study these topics.

On that topic, let's go over some important algebra preparation tips for the upcoming NDA exam. 

Know the Algebra Sub Topics Asked in NDA Exam

Under algebra, examine, divide, and priorities distinct sub-topics. Make a point of studying them in relation to one another, as this will aid in your retention of all topics.

Sets, De Morgan laws, Venn diagrams, Complex Numbers, Relation and Function,Number Conversion, Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic Progression, Binomial Theorem, Real Numbers, Permutations and Combinations, Logarithms, and more are some of the sub-topics covered in algebra. 

Look for Online Videos or Tutorials

Online tutorials are important because visual learning helps a person retain more information for a longer period of time. Because the learner is immersed in the experience, visual learning requires much more than merely seeing and recalling

Memorize all Formulae

Formulae make up the majority of algebra and vector algebra. The best way to memories equations and important points is to make a revision sheet with them listed in order of significance. If you need to revise at the last minute, this will come in handy.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers and Take Mock Tests

Solving practise papers will assist the student to determine how much time he will need to spend on each question and whether or not he needs to improve his time management skills.

Previous year's question papers will help students understand the exam pattern and the weighting assigned to each topic and sub-topic.

A normal NDA & NA paper has 30 to 32 questions from algebra and vector algebra, with a total of 75 to 80 marks.

The most weight is usually given to complex numbers, vector algebra, matrices,quadratic equations, and linear equations. Permutations and combinations are usually given less weight, as are Logarithmic functions and the Binomial Theorem.

On the other side, the applicant should prepare these themes as well. The candidate should be well-versed in the background and subtopics from which the questions are derived.

Test simulators are another way for a candidate to get real-time exam experience in terms of time management, paper layout, and space management. 

Learn Shortcuts and Mental Math

The candidate will have to answer a large number of questions in a short amount of time. To put it another way, each question will be addressed in under a minute. To speed up their calculations, the candidate should use mental math, memorise tables, squares,and cubes, as well as handy formulae and quick tricks. This will reduce the amount of tough work required and save time. 

Remember the Basics

The candidate should remember every subtopic under algebra and vector algebra. This will not only give the candidate a leg up on the competition, but it will also help with additional preparation and understanding of the topics.

Your lack of basic algebra knowledge can hamper your understanding of concepts in other topics. For example, While studying discrete distribution in Statistics, you will have a hard time understanding the logic behind the binomial distribution formula.

Use Reference Books or Guides

Many previous aspirants prefer NCERT books when it comes to maths. We have already discussed the crucial books for NDA that can be used to prepare for both aspects of the exam. You can use it to find the best books for studying the mathematics component of the NDA exam. 


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