07 July 2022 Current Affairs by

07 July 2022 Current Affairs by

Q). Who has become the youngest speaker of the country recently?

Answer – Rahul Narvekar

Q). In July 2022, which number of country's Vice Presidential election nominations have been notified?

Answer – 16th

Q). Recently in which institute the Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh has inaugurated the Technology Innovation Center 'Tihan'?

Answer – IIT Hyderabad

Q). Recently for how many days the Clean Sagar, Safe Sagar Abhiyan has been started?

Answer – 75

Q). Recently a part of the forest has been named after the woman of which state?

Answer – Odisha

Q). The city of Helsinki, which has been in the headlines, is the capital of which country?

Answer – Finland

Q). By whom is the Fields Medal awarded?

Answer – International Mathematical Union

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