13 July 2022 Current Affairs by

13 July 2022 Current Affairs by

Q). With the aim of eliminating TB in India, the Union Health Ministry has signed an agreement with?

Answer – Ministry of Panchayati Raj

Q). Who has recently unveiled the 6.5 meter high Ashoka Pillar for the new building of Parliament?

Answer – Shri Narendra Modi

Q). Who has been appointed as the Deputy Election Commissioner in July 2022?

Answer – R.K. Gupta

Q). When is the National Fish Farmer's Day organized every year?

Answer – July 10

Q). Recently the Sea Guardian-2 exercise was held between China and which country?

Answer – Pakistan

Q). Which is India's first elevated urban expressway?

Answer – Dwarka Expressway

Q). What is 'INS Vikrant', which was in discussion recently?

Answer – An aircraft carrier

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