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14 July 2022 Current Affairs by Westbengaljob.in

14 July 2022 Current Affairs by Westbengaljob.in

Q). Recently a word Victoria Boliviana was in discussion. To whom is it related?

Answer – A species of water lily

Q). For which country, 'Nord Stream 1 Underwater Gas Pipeline', which was in discussion recently, is the main source of gas from Russia?

Answer – Germany

Q). Recently the word 'Azor's High' has been in the headlines, what does it mean?

Answer – A subtropical weather phenomenon

Q). Which country is related to 'Fordo Nuclear Plant', which was in news recently?

Answer – Iran

Q). When is World Malala Day celebrated every year?

Answer – July 12

Q). Which medal has been won by 94-year-old Bhagvani Devi in ​​Finland in the 100 meters sprint recently?

Answer – Gold Medal

Q). Recently in which state the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has inaugurated Deoghar International Airport?

Answer – Jharkhand

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