18 July 2022 Current Affairs by

18 July 2022 Current Affairs by

Published By :     Date : 19.07.2022

Q). Which city will be declared as the first cultural and tourism capital of SCO?

Answer – Varanasi

17 July 2022 Current Affairs by

Q). In which country is the headquarters of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) located?

Answer – Fiji

Q). Recently in discussion, in which state is the Chokkanathaswamy temple located?

Answer – Karnataka

Q). Which river's tributary is the Curzon River, which has been in the news recently?

Answer – Narmada River

Q). Which medal has been won by Arjun Babuta of India in the International Shooting Sports Federation World Cup 2022?

Answer – Gold Medal

Q). Where is Simhachalam Temple, which was in news recently?

Answer – Andhra Pradesh

Q). Recently in which state of India the first case of monkeypox has been confirmed?

Answer – Kerala

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