21 July 2022 Current Affairs by

21 July 2022 Current Affairs by

Published By :     Date : 22.07.2022

Q). India's first digital Lok Adalat has been launched in which state?

Answer – Rajasthan

Q). When was the National Emblem of India adopted?

Answer – 26 January 1950

Q). In which revolution the democratic rights of citizens were first claimed?

Answer – French Revolution, 1789

Q). Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Scheduled Tribes with reference to any State or Union Territory?

Answer – Article 342

Q). When is International Chess Day celebrated every year?

Answer – July 20

Q). Recently which state has launched 'Mukhyamantri Udyaman Khiladi Unnayan Yojana'?

Answer – Uttarakhand

Q). Which state has become the first state in the country to start vehicle tracking recently?

Answer – Himachal Pradesh

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