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07 September 2022 Current Affairs by Westbengaljob.in

 07 September 2022 Current Affairs by Westbengaljob.in

Question 1: According to the new IMF report recently, which country is the fifth largest economy in the world?


Question 2: In which state a new species of crab named 'Ghatiyana' has been discovered recently?
Answer – Karnataka.

Question 3: Who has written the book 'Whale the Heart Speaks: Memoirs of Acardiologists' recently?
Answer- Upendra Kaul.

Question 4: In which country has the first statue of 'Swami Vivekananda' been installed recently?
Answer – Latin America.

Question 5: Which medal has Anishka Biyani won in Malaysian Chess Competition recently?
Answer – Gold.

Question 6: Who has recently received Emmy Award for voice in the documentary 'Our Great National Parks'?
Answer – Barack Obama.

Question 7: Which state government has identified 14 districts for the conservation of vultures?
Answer – Uttar Pradesh.

Question 8: Recently who has launched the anthem and mascot of the 36th National Games in Ahmedabad?
Answer – Amit Sah 

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