Some Important Computer Question and Answer

 Some Important Computer Question and Answer  

1. Saving is the process of copying a document from memory to a storage medium

2. The directory inside the directory is called – Sub directory

3. C.A.D. stands for – computer aided design

4. Oracle is – Database software

5. The function of assembler is to convert assembly language into machine language.

6. The first visible computer virus in India is – C-brain

7. What is the name of a network topology in which every possible node has bidirectional links? – Mesh

8. The point at which data enters or leaves the computer – Terminal

9. The world's first computer network is considered - ARPANET

10. Linux is an example of open source software

11. Restarting an already running computer is called – Rebooting

12. The process of finding errors in software code is called – Debugging

13. The part of the CPU that coordinates the activities of all other computer components – Control Unit

14. The data going into the computer is called – Input

15. What is called data in computer? Symbol and numerical information

16. A.L.U. Its full name is – Arithmetic Logical Unit

17. The controlling part of the computer is called – C.P.U.

18. Coordinates between all the parts of the computer – Control Unit

19. The microprocessor which is the brain of the computer is called – Microchip

20. ALU performs operations – Arithmetic

21. A hardware device that converts data into meaningful information – Processor

22. What is CRAY? – super computer

23. In which generation of computers teleprocessing and timesharing were used? – third generation

24. Which device uses handheld operating system? – PDA

25. How many types of computers are there? - two types

26. Point and draw device is called – Mouse

27. Track ball is an example of – Pointing device

28. If soft copy is an output, what is hard copy? – printed output

29. The process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to hard disk is called – Installation

30. The data kept in which memory gets destroyed as soon as the power goes off? – RAM

31. DVD is an example of – Optical Disc

32. The full name of CD-RW is - Compact Disc Rewritable

33. Who does the work of carrying information from one unit to another and bringing them back? - data base

34. What is the short form of uninterruptible power supply in computer? - You. P.S.

35. What resides in the motherboard that connects the CPU to other components on the motherboard? – system bus

36. The first calculating machine is – Abacus

37. The method used to identify the validity of a computer user is called – Authentication

38. The common name of Modulator-de-modulator is – Modem

39. What is the restarting of an already on computer called? - warm booting

40. What is needed to create an HTML document? - text editor

41. Most of the processing is done by the computer – in the CPU

42. Website is the collection of – web pages

43. Which programming language does not require a translator? – machine language

44. The extension of excel spreadsheet is – .xlsx

45. What are file extensions used for? To identify the file type

46. ​​Excel workbook is a collection of – Worksheets

47. What are the two parts of an e-mail address? Username and domain number

48. What is the word CAD related to in computer? - by design

49. What is the name of the first computer made in India? – Siddharth

50. Computer programs are written in the form of high-level programming languages. The translation of human readable program is called – Source code

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